Who We Are

We are here not for income, but for outcome

Sahaya Deaf Kenya's purpose is to provide Deaf youth and adults, teachers, parents and guardians with comprehensively deaf-friendly information on health awareness and rights within an independent framework while utilizing optimal communication.

Our Vision

Providing comprehensively deaf-friendly information on reproductive health and rights.

Our Mission

Creating deaf-friendly and accessible edutainment initiatives for the Deaf to Promote awareness and informed choices on sexual health.

Who is welcome to participate?

Anyone, anytime, and in any way! Whatever skills,
experience, and aspirations you have will surely manifest
in making the program a success. Each of you have unique
qualities which in some way can save a deaf child or adult
from becoming infected with HIV, and in other ways
toward risk-free health.
The smaller the world, the bigger the neighborhood!
Please join our ‘Volunteers of Sahaya (VOS) Club;
download form from www.sahaya.org.

Our Programs

You can help lots of people by donating little.

1. Promotion of Deaf-friendly Networks and professional Linkages:

Primary School for Kids
Primary School for Kids

Promoting access to Deaf-friendly information and professional support services on reproductive health and rights for the Deaf in schools and Deaf adult groups, jointly with mainstream service providers and community members to promote their wellbeing.

• Deaf-friendly networks set up in 15 schools for the Deaf, now self-supporting.
• Trained master teachers who supervise the networks, and guide the peer educators
• Trained Deaf Peer educators within the 15 schools for the Deaf.
• Trained service providers (nurses, doctors, clinical officers, children’s officers, education officers) trained to work with the Deaf in the schools for the Deaf and its environs.

2. Production of Deaf-friendly Edutainment Methodologies (DFEM):

Primary School for Kids

Providing Deaf youth and adults, teachers, parents and guardians with a tool for addressing basic health awareness within an independent framework utilizing optimal communication.

• 1st Edition of Deaf Peers Education Manual. Download
• 2nd Edition of the Deaf Peers Education Manual – Facilitators Guide. Download
• Sign Language based posters on sexual rights.
• Puppetry troupe comprising of Deaf youth who promote health awareness through outreach programs.
• Deaf awareness Part 1 film
• Deaf awareness Part 2 film (Work in progress)